Schindler Ahead Smart Urban Mobility

Schindler Ahead - Your digital portfolio for smart elevators and escalators

Focusing on our digital related products and services, Schindler Ahead is the digital brand of the Schindler Group. From our SmartMirror and DoorShow to our digital service offerings like RemoteMonitoring and ActionBoard, the possibilities are almost limitless with connected elevators, escalators, and moving walks.

Digital Media Services

Turning your units into communication platforms
IoT makes it possible to monetize mobility spaces in completely new ways. Our digital media services make it possible to turn elevators into powerful communication platforms. They provide new information, communication, and entertainment channels for your passengers, tenants and customers. With one back-end solution to manage all channels.

Schindler Ahead DoorShow

Your tenants and visitors will be entertained and informed before the even enter your elevators. The Schindler Ahead DoorShow displays information, advertising & announcements directly on the elevator landing doors.

Schindler Ahead SmartMirror

The Schindler Ahead SmartMirror is both a mirror and a screen for entertainment or information. This new in-elevator multimedia experience will enhance every trip in your elevators.

Schindler Ahead AdScreen

With the Schindler Ahead AdScreen, your messages are delivered on a special screen inside the elevator to maximize the value of every elevator trip.

Digital Services

The smart monitoring of elevators and escalators
Digital services complement maintenance service contracts, adapting to your specific needs and requirements. The range of services starts with connectivity and ends with the management of your installations from elevators to escalators.

Schindler Ahead ActionBoard

The Schindler Ahead ActionBoard collates all the relevant statistics, activities and performance data of your elevators and escalators, and then displays it all in a simple, intuitive dashboard.

Schindler Ahead RemoteMonitoring

Schindler Ahead RemoteMonitoring is our digital solution that provides you with clear insights into your equipment’s health.

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