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BIM - Digital Engineering Excellence

An intelligent technology based on 3-D modeling, BIM (Building Information Modeling) provides traceability and insights throughout the project life cycle – planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance. 

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How can BIM benefit you?

Developers, Schindler Group


  • Minimize costly errors during installation
  • Better understanding of the different functions in the building to improve operational efficiency
  • Easier asset tracking and enhanced cost management
Architects, Schindler Group


  • Easier comparison of design alternatives and earlier identification of potential improvements
  • Better visualization and faster design approval
  • Upgraded engineering accuracy and change management
Contractors, Schindler Group


  • Fewer mistakes and elimination of clashes
  • Greater transparency of costs, schedules and logistics
  • Better planning and coordination of construction sequences
Facility managers, Schindler Group

Facility managers

  • Monitor equipment status easily and promptly identify any potential need for modernization
  • Improved planning of maintenance services and repairs
  • Easier tracking of replaced parts and more efficient cost management 

Why use Schindler BIM models?

Depending on the different Level Of Design

Depending on the different Level Of Design (LOD) required, we can deliver BIM models for all Schindler elevator and escalator products to meet your needs.

BIM models allow two-way data flow

Our dynamic BIM models allow two-way data flow so that as-built information from the field can feed into to the BIM model and be shared with relevant parties.

We provide dynamic BIM models

We provide dynamic BIM models that can be updated constantly during the construction and building process.

The best manufacturer in Digital Engineering by CIBSE

Schindler has been recognized as the best manufacturer in Digital Engineering by CIBSE.

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