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Offices - Elevator products and packages

Our elevators and escalators run at maximum efficiency during peak traffic. When traffic reduces, so does energy consumption. Our technology delivers performance without waste, and we offer flexibility in design, car sizes and control options.

Your tenants’ safety, comfort and mobility are our commitment to you

Our elevators and escalators deliver passengers to their offices safely, quietly, efficiently and in comfort something yourtenants can take for granted.

Managing building traffic. Efficient and smooth mobility in a commercial building is a challenge – and a must! Especially in up-peaks, down-peaks and lunchtimes. The latest generation of our destination control system, PORT Technology revolutionizes the science of optimizing traffic flows through every type and size of commercial building while offering personalized service and access control.

Visualizing traffic. Our TrafficVision tool simulates traffic patterns in the building long before construction begins. It identifies bottlenecks, so we can solve them. It also helps optimize handling capacity and reduce waiting times. 

Green buildings. The highly efficient PORT Technology Destination Control System puts one elevator out of a group in full-sleep mode during off-peak periods with fast re-start. Our regenerative drive systems feed electricity back to the grid without harmonic distortion.


Tailored for office operation

Schindler 3000

Our passenger elevator with outstanding flexibility for residential and up to mid-sized commercial buildings.

Schindler 5500

Our passenger elevator for commercial and high-end residential buildings with high performance and unique design flexibility.

Schindler 7000

Our smartest passenger elevator for your high-rise building transports millions of people in the world’s tallest buildings.

Our suggested packages

Schindler Office Package
Add extra comfort, speed of service and more control to your building by equipping your elevator with this package.

Schindler Easy Access Package
Let our elevators provide you with accessible mobility, for passengers with or without disabilities.

Schindler Security Package
Add extra security to your building and make the most of your elevator by optimizing occupant security and wellbeing.

Schindler Modernization

Want to optimize mobility in your building?

We offer flexible, modern solutions to replace your existing elevator.

  • Schindler 3000 Plus
  • Schindler 5000 Plus
  • Phased modernization

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