Adding the EXTRA to the ORDINARY: Future-ready technologies

Adding the EXTRA to the ORDINARY: Future-ready technologies

There’s only one chance to make a first impression. Our new, future-driven generation of elevators brings together the latest in innovative technology to impress, amaze and entertain. See for yourself how our new solutions can increase your building's value and turn it into a place that feels ahead of its time.

Schindler Ahead MediaScreen

Schindler Ahead MediaScreen makes paper a communication tool of the past. This in-car media solution provides relevant information to the riding public in real-time, with minimal effort and maximum attention. Share building updates, news, weather and entertaining content, ensuring that passengers always stay informed.

Schindler Ahead DoorShow

Waiting for an elevator has never been more entertaining. The Schindler Ahead DoorShow projects news, special offers or even short films onto your elevator’s doors, turning every waiting time into a spectacle. The efficient light technology produces a high-quality image and turns off automatically as soon as the door opens.

Schindler Ahead SmartMirror

Turn every ride into a multimedia experience. Advertising, information, news, special events, restaurant menus, facility information, weather, personal messages - anything can be displayed on the Schindler Ahead SmartMirror. Leave the installation and media management to Schindler and offer unexpected entertainment to your guests.

PORT Technology

Extra comfort, extra capacity, extra security and extra access. Powered by PORT, Schindler’s world-leading traffic and access management system, our new modular elevators give you the best possible win-win: reduced travel time plus increased passenger traffic capacity. And with PORT, we offer full building security and personalized access, too.