Schindler Transit Management Group announces myPORT


A smart solution for smart cities: with its new myPORT app Schindler is making urban mobility even more efficient and even more secure. And this in turn opens up whole new building design options and opportunities.

More and more people living in growing cities today want to get safely and securely to where they need to be. And it’s to further reduce the associated waiting times at security gates, entrance doors and elevators – and simultaneously enhance building security – that Schindler’s Transit Management Group has developed the myPORT smartphone app. The new app offers building owners substantially higher security standards than have ever been available before; and it offers the buildings’ occupants greater freedom, too.

Simple, swift and secure: that’s the thinking behind Schindler’s new building access app. Any building occupant who has installed the myPORT app just needs to unlock their smartphone with their PIN code or Touch ID and show it to the myPORT reader. It may seem incredibly simple to the user; but myPORT is based on an e-banking-level system that meets the highest security standards.

The system uses a combination of timing, building topology and multiple data channels to ensure that the smartphone user really is authorized to access the building concerned. Occupants can use the myPORT app not only to open doors but to order pre-programmed elevators, too, making it substantially easier and faster for them and their visitors to move around the building, all without taking the phone out of their pocket or bag.

Schindler Transit Management Group announces myPORT

The myPORT system can grant visitors access even if they have not installed the myPORT app. If desired, the app will generate an SMS text message that is sent to the visitor. When they arrive at the building, all they need to do is click on the link embedded in the SMS and they will receive a video code which can be shown to the entry PORT to gain admission.

The video code is a Schindler development that permits swift and simple access, since the smartphone does not need to be kept still, pointed in a particular direction or held a certain distance from the PORT reader for admission to be granted.

A video and more information about the new myPORT app is available at: (Latest News section)

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