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Through our sustainable communities project, we intend to promote safe and child friendly sites, where children are safe, healthy & educated and enjoying their childhood. Through our support to day care and hostel programmes, we reach out to more than 1,000 + children each day with essential services of Education, Stay, Health and Nutrition.

Nutrition Programme
Nutrition programme aims to provide children living on construction sites with proper food and nutrition to foster healthy physical and cognitive development.

Health Programme
The goal of the health programme is to ensure the physical health and safety of every child enrolled at the centres. They are provide with preventative and curative care. NGO’s also connect with parents with local healthcare facilities to organize monthly immunizations, and to familiarize them with the available healthcare options in their area.

Hostel Programme
When migrant worker children wish to pursue their studies at schools or colleges, we support them in partnership with TMC to be admitted into hostels. Children live in the hostel and study at schools to complete their education without the hindrance of having to move homes with their migrant family.

Village Development Programme
We have adopted a village near Chakan through our partnership with WE, with special focus on child holistic development and women empowernment.

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