National Key Accounts Partnerships work

Working with the Schindler National Key Account team will make you reassess how you previously did business.

Parternships with our dedicated Key Account Management Team

Schindler National Key Account Partnerships

Working with the Schindler national key account team will make your reassess how you previously did business. 

Being able to discuss your complete national or internation profolior with one person within Schindler simply just makes sense.

The transparent nature of our reletionships combined with online real time grobal reporting technologies will ensure you have complete clarity on any situation.

You can rely on Schindler

Our team of staff are dedicated to understanidng and delivering your requirements.

Customisation of our support to customers is second nature to the team, no matter the scope of porfolio or mix of brands.  Schindler has the technical expertise and managment skills to deliver.

Customised support to suit your needs

Schindler's dedicated customised support

  • Single point contact, dedicated second point contact and clear escalation paths
  • Customer-specific framework agreements
  • Portfolio, site or individual unit performance reporting
  • 24/7 contact through our National Customer Contact Centre
  • Customised invoicing and billing agreements
  • National technician network to deal with multiple brand technology
  • Local support from our regional service delivery structure

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