Schindler Ahead RemoteMonitoring Permanently monitored for a personal service

Schindler Ahead RemoteMonitoring - Permanently monitored for a personal service

Schindler Ahead RemoteMonitoring is our digital solution that provides customers and service professionals with clear insights into the equipment’s health. Timely and accurate information is the basis upon which smarter decision can be taken in order to prevent or even avoid unwanted incidents.

Real-time performance data

Sensors built into the equipment continuously collect, analyse and transmit valuable information that is key to detecting errors. Filtered real-time data makes it possible to act proactively rather than reactively. It also creates an ecosystem through which all key stakeholders always have a complete and accurate overview.

Predictive maintenance

A broad range of factors can interfere with the performance of your equipment: from environmental conditions to a component that reaches its maximum operation time. With Ahead RemoteMonitoring identifying irregularities and anomalies is not only faster but also more precise. Reliable diagnostics are critical to be better prepared to address any issues before breakdowns occur. 

Better planning of resources
Systematic automation ensures that all incoming alerts concerning your equipment are instantly evaluated and assigned to our service technicians. Informed decisions can be taken to plan service schedules, allocate resources and avoid unnecessary inspections. Building occupants and tenants can be appropriately informed about service schedules and their duration.

Easy integration
Schindler Ahead RemoteMonitoring provides services that use the latest monitoring technology. For our latest product range, the necessary hardware and software are already built in. For older equipment, suitable upgrade options are available. Similarly, this service is fully compatible with and can be made available for non-Schindler products.

Permanent Diagnostics
Permanent remote diagnostics and services with wireless data connection.

Pro-active Services
Service processes are initiated automatically or upon a proactive cross-check with you – based on the self-detection of issues.

Remote ‘Health Checks’
Remote equipment tests including status reports. Clear overview helps in maintaining longevity and long-term operation of your equipment.

Information updates either via e-mail or push-notifications or made available on the Schindler Ahead ActionBoard platform.

Active information
Receive valuable information via the ActionBoard: i.e. the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) of the service technician.


  • Continuous. Permanent monitoring and data evaluation allows for condition-based maintenance planning.
  • Convenient. Automated service processing for less disturbance during your normal daily business, to simplify your tasks and to provide dependable service to the passenger.
  • Hassle-free. Timely detection of errors and pre-emptive interventions keep the equipment safe from major security issues.

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