Minor Modernisation Overlay - The invisible modernisation

When your lift system is straining to cope with the demands placed on it and the queues in the lift lobby are stretching out onto the street, then it's time to modernise. But what happens when an already overloaded lift system is further reduced by taking one or more lifts out of service for modernisation? The result can be a considerable period of disruption whilst the modernisation work is taking place.

The answer lies in the Schindler ID Mod Overlay

Schindler ID Modernisation Overlay converts the existing lift control system so that our Miconic 10 technology can be readily integrated, before the modernisation work even begins. Schindler Miconic 10 destination control maximises availability of the lifts thereby improving the performance for the users. When the work begins, the efficiencies gained by the new control system counteract the effects of removing a lift from service for modernisation.

Further energy savings

Efficiencies in terms of traffic management are not the only savings you make using Schindler ID Mod Overlay. There could also be vast savings to be made in terms of energy costs.

Benefits to you and your project include:

  • No reduction in performance of your lift system during modernisation work
  • Increased performance after the work is complete
  • Substantial energy savings due to efficiency improvements

Please note that Schindler ID Mod Overlay and the phased modernisation approach is protected by US patents.

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