Modernisation ensures the safety, reliability and comfort of your lift and escalator solutions. It also protects your investment in the long-term. Schindler replaces whole systems and carries out modernisations, step-by-step, by replacing specific parts. Schindler can upgrade any installation to meet new passenger requirements and to comply with regulations.

To give new life to your lifts and escalators

We offer you a complete range of services – from minor improvements in the accessories to full system replacement, either independently or in conjunction with building remodelling or reconstruction. You will enjoy the result immediately and for a long time to come.


Schindler modernises your lifts to meet your specific needs. We focus on what is essential and what is required.


Schindler has developed a special range of modular modernisation kits. At lower cost than for a new installation, we can make your old unit fast & reliable.

Minor modernisation

Schindler ID Modernisation Overlay converts the existing lift control system so that our Miconic 10 technology can be readily integrated, before the modernisation work even begins.

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