Schindler Moving Walk

Schindler 9500AE

The Schindler 9500AE line of moving walks ranges from inclined moving walks for commercial applications, such as hypermarkets, to horizontal moving walks with transportation lengths of up to 150 meters for airport environments.

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Increased safety

The short pallets of the Schindler 9500AE line are guided beneath the skirting, increasing user safety even further. The pallets are directly attached to the chain, so there’s no need for connection elements and rollers that are susceptible to wear. This makes the 9500AE line quiet and increases their service life. The slightly cambered pallet surface also offers excellent grip even when damp or wet.

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Small installation dimensions

Patented short pallets with a depth of only 133 mm greatly reduce the transition curves. As a result, these moving walks require minimal installation space