Schindler 5500

Schindler 5500

  • Schindler Product Facts
    Capacity: 630 kg - 2'500 kg, 8 - 33 passengers
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Travel height: up to 150 m and 50 floors
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Speed: 1.0 m/s up to 3.0 m/s MMR and MRL

Find out how the Schindler 5500, our mid-rise passenger lift for commercial buildings, lifts functionality and style to the next level.

Schindler 5500 - Four essentials for a perfect fit

Configure mobility the way you need it to make your building work. From the ideal space utilisation and machine-room options to a perfectly fitting car and the smooth flow of people and goods.

Keep energy consumption to a minimum by using power more efficiently. The new technological advances of the Schindler 5500, such as regenerative drives, new traction media, and carefully selected materials, ensure an ecologically sound solution.

The Schindler 5500 offers an excellent ride experience for the passenger. The wider range of MRL residential and commercial applications as well as new drive and traction developments make it a hallmark in modern urban mobility. High travel height, fast speeds and improvements in range of load and noise reduction technology position the Schindler 5500 as a prime elevator.

Suits you.

Schindler 5500 is the modular passenger lift that takes configurability to a new level - it uniquely combines performance, flexibility and design, which makes it easy to fit to the requirements of commercial, mid and high-end residential buildings. Solutions that suits you.

Space configurability - Schindler 5500

Space configurability

Configure the dimension and technology of your lift to best meet the requirements of your application. The Schindler 5500 fits your needs, making your building work by optimising space with excellent shaft utilization.

Green mobility - Schindler 5500

Green mobility

Rely on the latest technology. The Schindler 5500 helps you lower your building’s carbon footprint by using energy more efficiently – with regenerative drives for sustainable operation.

High-level performance - Schindler 5500

High-level performance

Enjoy the faster and smoother ride. The new developments in traction media and control systems give you not only more speed, but also lets you handle more passengers and goods while providing optimal ride quality.

Freedom of design - Schindler 5500

Freedom of design

Create the look and feel of your lift just the way you imagine it. Our design lines give you the freedom of choice – from preconfigured cars to your own concept, from functional to sophisticated.

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