Lifts Product Portfolio

From high rises to shopping malls, Schindler lifts offer reliable mobility in residential and commercial settings.

Schindler 2400

This truly flexible lift can be used in high-traffic buildings as different as offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres and railway stations. A standard solution that helps you avoid having a special, tailor-made lift built.

Schindler 2500

A smooth, comfortable ride and total reliability are vital for lifs transporting people in beds or wheelchairs. The Schindler 2500 provides bump-free entry and exit for patients, a comfortable and quite ride, and high levels of reliability.

Schindler 2600

With the Schindler 2600, you’ve got flexibility. The lift adapts itself to fit your needs, from its size to its equipment features and operation – whether it’s in industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centres, schools, or buildings for the healthcare industry.

Schindler 3100

This is our basic, highly-standardised lift that looks and feels like something much more. Designed in general for buildings with low-to medium traffic, it makes no compromises in design or technology. It’s is a basic, practical solution with a special touch.

Schindler 3300

A spacious passenger lift for residential and smaller commercial buildings. Efficient, stylish and designed for performance. It’s easy to plan and install because it fits all standard shaft sizes. User-friendly in daily operation and energy efficient.

Schindler 5500

Schindler 5500 is the outstanding passenger lift that takes configurability to a new level.

Schindler 7000

The Schindler 7000 lift transport millions of people in the world’s tallest buildings.

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