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Schindler Escalator Product Lines

Moving masses in personal comfort

Schindler has the most comprehensive portfolio of escalators available today. The world’s most popular escalator, for instance, the Schindler 9300AE. It’s ideal for light transport in commercial and public buildings. For more demanding applications, we offer the heavy-duty Schindler 9700AE. It’s used in subways to lift masses of people up to 50 meters in personal comfort. And of course, Schindler’s famous A to Z project support comes standard.

Schindler 9300AE
9300AE Escalator

Schindler 9300AE

The flexible transit solution for commercial buildings and public spaces.

> 9300AE Escalator

Schindler 9700AE
Schindler 9700AE Escalator

Schindler 9700AE

The high-performance transport solution for high-traffic public spaces.

> 9700AE Escalator