Retail - A great shopping experience with smart mobility

Malls & Retail A great shopping experience with smart mobility

Schindler shares a common goal to keep people moving - we move 1.5 billion people per day! Especially at peak times our lifts and escalators transport people to their destinations quickly, so they can spend more time shopping.

Fast turnover

Realising time sensitive shopping centre projects is tradition at Schindler. Over the years Schindler has developed proven tools for planning layout, capacities and reducing energy consumption, as well as improving the traffic management throughout the shopping centre with innovative designs and concepts.

Efficient operation

Sometimes it is what you don’t see that is most important. Schindler's lifts, escalators and moving walkways use regenerative drive systems and adjust to changing traffic demands. This makes them economical and also environmentally friendly. Our Mobility Solutions combine high-efficiency with low environmental impact.

Reference: Pavillion Shopping Centre, Dublin

Pavillion Shopping Centre, Dublin

What we deliver

Total 23 units:

  • 4 x Schindler 9300 Escalators
  • 8 x Schindler 9500 Inclined Moving Walkways
  • 6 x Schindler 2600's (MRL Goods Lifts)
  • 5 x Schindler 5400's (High Spec MRL)

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