Hotels - When five-star ambience meets first class service

Hotels When five-star ambience meets first class service

Our range of lifts and escalators promotes comfort and serenity. They enhance your guests' experience whilst complimenting your hotel's interior.

Comfortable efficiency

PORT, Schindler’s destination and traffic managment solution makes peak periods easy to handle by maximising transport capacity, enabling your guests to move swiftly through the building.  The PORT technology also optimises energy efficiency in groups of lifts with our "Smart Energy" mode.

Variable identity

Our range of lifts and escalators can be adapted to meet your hotel’s specific requirements. The variable dimensions and unique designs are a Schindler hallmark. Infotainment options add convenience and comfort for you and your guests.

Reference: Beetham Hotel, Manchester

Beetham Hotel, Manchester

How we did it

This unique tower designed by Ian Simpson Architects features 9 Schindler lifts. The building is split into part residential and part Hilton hotel with seperate lift systems serving each element. We installed 2 Schindler 7000 Passenger Lifts to serve the highest rise residential sector of the building. These lifts operate at 3.5.m/s. The hotel features 3 Schindler 7000 Passenger Lifts operating at 3.5m/s with a further single Schindler 7000 Express Lift serving the exclusive Sky Bar area. To support the operation of the Hotel and serve the residential sector, we have installed a further 3 freight lifts.

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