Adding the EXTRA to the ORDINARY - The new smart, modular elevators – Schindler 1000, 3000 and 5000

Adding the EXTRA to the ORDINARY The new smart, modular lifts - Schindler 1000(+), 3000(+) and 5000(+)

From development to distribution, we have one thing in mind: our customers. The needs and demands of passengers, developers, building owners, facility managers and architects guide every step of our engineering and innovation processes. The result is a new-generation modular lift range that offers smart solutions for individual needs. We had you in mind when we created these lifts.

Discover our new, modular lift range

The premium high-performance Schindler 7000, the powerful Schindler 5000, the flexible Schindler 3000 and the compact Schindler 1000. Equipped with next-generation technology, advanced connectivity and new digital services, they offer an enhanced passenger experience, better comfort, and improved maintenance and management.

You've asked for more flexibility and we’ve listened: the new-generation Schindler lifts give you greater design freedom than ever, with the widest range of choices and options for every architectural concept. All while increasing load capacity, speed and travel height and reducing noise and vibration. We're also making previously high-end systems and technology available in our standard line of products – such as absolute positioning systems for accurate levelling and regenerative drive technology that reduces travel energy by up to 30% compared to conventional technology. Not to mention the highest energy efficiency over the course of the product’s entire life cycle.

Schindler 1000

Simple, reliable and compact
Our passenger lift for low- to mid-rise residential buildings is simple to plan, fast to install and economical to maintain.

Schindler 3000

Stylish, functional and flexible
Our flexible solution that unifies form and function. An all-around passenger
lift applicable to various building types and use cases.

Schindler 5000 - Impressive, powerful and effective

Schindler 5000

Impressive, powerful and effective
This passenger lift integrates latest technologies to deliver faster handling times for higher passenger volumes with optimum ride quality.

Coming soon.

Your EXTRA Inspiration

EXTRA Visionary

Meet Max Schwitalla, the EXTRA visionary founder of Studio Schwitalla in Berlin. He constantly envisions bold concepts for future cities and future urban mobility – with much of his work originating from a Schindler research collaboration.

EXTRA Ambitious

Meet Christian Zerreis. As an EXTRA ambitious architect at Burckhardt & Partner, he was instrumental in developing an innovative facade for the landmark Grosspeter Tower in Basel – which entirely consists of solar panels.

Find your EXTRA – with our new generation of lifts

EXTRA Design freedom

EXTRA Easy planning

EXTRA Expertise

EXTRA Entertaining

EXTRA Impressive

EXTRA Capacity

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