Only the best and brightest young talents are selected for the Schindler Career Development Program.

We Elevate... Future Leaders Talent today, leader tomorrow

Leaders are able to grow in Schindler. We recruit young professionals into the Schindler Career Development Program (SCDP) and embark them on an international and multidisciplinary journey that lasts up to six years, tailored to their career aspirations.

Turn dreams into reality with the Schindler Career Development Program.

Management Training

The Schindler Career Development Program is a platform that gives high performers and potentials the opportunity to experience cross-functional, leadership and field operational rotations so that they are fully prepared to assume senior leadership positions in the future.

The Schindler Career Development Program helps prepare the next generation of leaders.

Learning by doing

We grow young talents into future leaders in Schindler by offering a career development program tailored to their individual needs. All SCDP participants take part in activities like:

  • Conferences & Talent Forum (Global Entry Conference, Zone Conference etc.)
  • Mentoring
  • Training & Development (Strategic Team Challenge, Leadership Development Review)
  • Career Coaching and Counseling
  • Networking & Events (SCDP Breakfast, Lunch Sharing, SCDP & Alumni Dinner etc.)
Schindler Career Development Program participants make their future.

Who can be considered

To be nominated to the program, you must:

  • Have worked for Schindler for at least six months
  • Hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • Have ambition and a commitment to career growth and continuous development
  • Show potential to assume a senior leadership position in the future
  • Be proficient in English
  • Show the willingness to work abroad and have an international mindset
  • Have up to five years of professional experience
Getting selected for the Schindler Career Development Program is a multi-step process.

How to join the program

To enter the SCDP, the candidate must fulfil the selection criteria and pass the Assessment Center held internally.

A network of peers

During the program and continuing after graduation, the SCDP and alumni community benefit from ongoing networking and engagement activities.

Meet some of our SCDP Alumni (and future leaders) below.

Ashok, Chief Executive Officer, India

Ashok, President India & South Asia

"It has been an absolutely fantastic growth curve for me in Schindler, and I must say we are one of the very few top engineering companies allowing young talents to become general managers. As long as you perform and show your potential, you can accelerate your growth at Schindler.

The program has taught me to be humble. I am thankful to my colleagues, managers, and the teams that I have led. It made me realize that regardless your nationality or gender, if you dream big and deliver the results, then nothing can stop your growth in this great company called Schindler! It is vital to always put the organization first, team next, and yourself last when making any decisions. The SCDP program is a stage where you can choose how to perform."

Olga, RDO Program Director, US

Olga, Area General Manager, US

"My career with Schindler started after graduation from Moscow State University as a General Counsel in KG Russia. At that time, I thought I would only stay in law but here I am, living and working in the US, graduated from the SCDP program. I have been leading the internal consultancy and field operational excellence team called the Results Delivery Office (RDO), and I am now working as an Area General Manager. What an amazing journey.

The SCDP program has been a life-changing experience. I have met many fantastic people through it and gained many learnings from all of them. Don’t miss this opportunity to be an SCDP. In this journey, you should be open, work hard, take up challenges, learn every day, and think big."

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