Internationally present, Schindler offers a wide variety of elevator and escalator around the world.

We Elevate... International Careers Broadening expectations

Accepting an international assignment allows you to grow your career while experiencing professional life abroad.

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Elevator & escalator jobs can take you around the world.

See the world at Schindler

Thanks to our presence in over 100 countries, we offer many opportunities to work internationally at Schindler. The Lift & Escalator industry is expanding at a rapid pace, and we need people who are open to working in cultures and regions beyond their own.

Schindler offers international elevator and escalator jobs around the world.

Seize the opportunity

Besides being exciting, challenging and oftentimes fun, international assignments are a key part of how we develop people at Schindler. Shifting your perspective inevitably enriches how you perceive and relate to both our customers and your colleagues. Professional experience abroad can accelerate your promotion prospects, too.

Looking for elevator and escalator jobs abroad? Schindler offers a variety of jobs, from service technician to mechanical engineer.

The power of networks

Having a broad and deep professional network is one of the best ways to build a satisfying career – especially when you feel that you’ve learned enough in your role and are ready to try something new.

Schindler offers elevator and escalator jobs based around the world.

Comprehensive support

Whether you are on your own or part of a family, Schindler takes care of you during your time abroad. If you accept a position outside your home country, we’ll do our best to help ease the transition for you and your inner circle, including identifying possible housing and school options. We’ll also provide hands-on support for navigating the necessary logistics (immigration documents, taxes, etc.).

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