As a leading elevator service company, Schindler relies on experienced professionals to design, service, and repair lifts and moving walks.

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You’re good at what you do, and you know it. At Schindler we need seasoned experts in over 50 different professions beyond lift engineering and service, including IT, design, research, marketing, sales, communications, finance, quality management, HR, and more.

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Schindler offers elevator maintenance and repair jobs for skilled professionals.

Specialist technicians

Whether you're a lift technician, escalator installer, or an expert at repairing moving walks, you will find a home within Schindler to practice your craft – and grow even better. Sharpen your skills on state-of-the-art and legacy equipment while helping to keep the world moving.

Schindler offers experienced elevator service professionals a wide variety of jobs in an engineering environment, based around the world.

Engineering tomorrow’s urban mobility

As a leading global mobility company, Schindler relies heavily on engineers to lift our customers to new heights. Be it in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or even software engineering, we encourage our professional problem solvers to innovate and come up with novel solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

As a global elevator service company, Schindler offers many training and personal development opportunities.

Skilled professionals and the opportunity for cross-functional careers

You can develop a long-term career in multiple professions at Schindler without ever being an engineer. Many of our leaders have experienced a cross-functional development opportunity. We have colleagues whose career path has brought them from finance to HR, from engineering to general management and from field operations to IT, just to name some examples.

We’re also looking for talents to fill mission-critical roles in the business, in functions such as legal, finance and IT, among others.

Whatever your area of expertise, Schindler provides training to give you professional skills that make you better able to do your job and also explore career opportunities in other parts of the company.

For the latest engineering and service tech jobs, as well as skilled positions in ancillary functions, visit our Local Job Search page.

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