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Schindler Ahead Smart Urban Mobility

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    Improved uptime
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    Better insights
  • Schindler Product Facts
    More convenience

Schindler Ahead is our digital portfolio for smart lifts and escalators. It analyzes cloud-based data to deliver improved uptime, insights and convenience. Digital connectivity allows for easy maintenance and management of the equipment, while adding higher levels of comforts for passengers.

Digital Solutions

Schindler Ahead leverages the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) to offer solutions that perfectly complement the digital lifestyle. It improves diagnostics, service reliability and the long-term health of the asset. Our digital solutions seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure – benefiting building owners, managers and residents alike.

Adoption of IoT

With Schindler Ahead, customers get access to numerous benefits of IoT to facilitate digital transformation for lifts and escalators. Schindler Ahead delivers secure, reliable and efficient mobility solutions that are ready for the future.

Predictive maintenance

Accurate diagnosis is the first step towards fewer and shorter down-times, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction. Schindler Ahead solutions help identify irregularities before they affect the equipment’s performance. With precise diagnostics, service interruptions can be minimized or even avoided.

Real-time information

Schindler Ahead has developed the industry’s first fully closed-loop platform that enables real-time flow of information. This greatly improves the day-to-day operations and communication between service technician, building manager and residents.

Personalized solutions

Depending on the location, volume of passengers and traffic patterns, the level of care needed for lifts varies significantly. With Schindler Ahead, customers can gain a wide selection of customization options and choose the ones that best suit their everyday needs.


Ahead Core
Prerequisite for connectivity and to access Schindler Ahead’s digital solutions
Ahead Connectivity
Digital connectivity to improve the daily operations and overall health of the unit
Ahead ActionBoard
A simple, easy-to-use interface to stay informed on the unit’s performance
Ahead RemoteMonitoring
Permanently monitored units for an individual service schedule
Ahead DigitalAlarm
24/7 emergency service that works even during power failure

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