Schindler 6200 - Modernization

Schindler 6200

  • Schindler Product Facts
    Passengers: 1 - 8
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Capacity: 180kg - 630 kg
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Travel height: up to 45 m & 19 floors
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Speed: 1.0 m/s

Limited space calls for unlimited adaptability. The Schindler 6200 elevator offers the ideal solution to best fit all kinds of narrow shafts.

Limitless adaptability

The Schindler 6200 offers maximum comfort for passenger even in the smallest sized shafts. It has been specifically designed to replace elevators in stairwell holes and other very tight environments.

Schindler 6200 - Evolved to adapt

Evolved to adapt

The Schindler 6200 simply adapts to the given shaft space. Engineered for a straightforward usage in tight conditions - the car can be sized in 5 mm steps - to maximize the space for passengers.

Schindler 6200 - Maximum flexibility
Left: Lateral rear counterweight - Right: Rear counterweight

Maximum flexibility

The system is optimized to get best usage of shaft and more space in car. The possibility to place the door in 1mm increments to match the existing door position enables the maximum flexibility of the Schindler 6200 – minimizing necessary building work and disturbance.

Schindler 6200 - Attractive designs

Attractive designs

Increasing the visual comfort for passengers. Choose from a variety of interior styles and options to optimally match the elevator to your building’s character.

Schindler 6200 - Green Mobility

Green mobility

Lightweight in construction, low in energy consumption - the Schindler 6200 supports environmentally friendly building operation. The Schindler 6200 contributes to a sustainable future through the complete absence of hazardous substances.

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