Building tenants these days demand that an escalator system continues to operate safely regardless of the equipment’s age.

And as well-built as your equipment may be, it still may not be up to date with today’s safety code requirements.

That is why we suggest owners of older equipment consider a complete modernisation, which will improve the performance, riding comfort, environmental friendliness, reliability and safety of your entire escalator system.

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Upgrades better perfomance, safety and more reliable

Brush Guards: Installing Brush Guards along the skirting of the entire length of the escalator to prevent entrapment between the steps and also to help to prevent injury and vandalism, while simultaneously increasing the lifespan and reliability of the escalator. It provides a sense of security to users and also has  the added advantage of creating a neat and tidy appearance.

*This upgrading meets statutory requirements as madated by the European EN 115-2 standard for the safety of escalators and moving walks.


Yellow demarcation: Bright yellow borders clearly outline safe area on each escalator step. This steers users to stand within the demarcated area, preventing entrapment betwen the skirting and the steps.


Green Steps: Marking the ideal fet positions on each escalator step for maximum safety and balance on the escalators while also protecting users from getting caught within escalator mechanisms. This is usually accompanied by notices and guidelines at the escalator access points.