Modernization Kits

Schindler offers modernization solutions in all areas: safety, energy consumption, and appearance, all aimed at making your escalators and moving walks run smoother, safer, and more reliably.

Schindler - Safety modernization

Safety modernization

Safety devices are brought to compliance with the latest regulations . Safety modernization provides customers with upgraded performance, and improved passenger safety.

Modernization to save energy

Energy savings for your escalators and moving walks not only mean lower energy consumption and less cost, but also lower CO2emissions, which helps protect our world. You can customize your energy-saving packages with different combinations to achieve the best performance.

Modernization to enhance appearance

Escalators and moving walks are no longer just a means of transportation, they are part of the building design. Schindler modernization packages to enhance appearance change outdated style into a modern look. The latest design elements combined with colorful surfaces and lighting create an elegant, attractive appearance. Schindler features provide a bright new look.

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