InTruss Escalator & Moving Walk Modernization

Schindler InTruss is an innovative solution for escalator replacement. The existing escalator or moving walk is extracted, keeping its truss in place. A brand-new Schindler escalator or moving walk is assembled inside the existing truss.

Schindler InTruss escalator and moving walk modernization delivers performance, safety, reliability, and style that is comparable to our industry-leading Schindler escalators and moving walks. It improves everything a passenger sees, hears, and touches.

Our systematic approach allows the InTruss escalator and moving walk modernization to happen while your building remains open. Normal activities and business can be conducted throughout the entire process.

Minimal building disruption and less tenant inconvenience

You get a new escalator or moving walk within your existing equipment footprint. Schindler InTruss modernization is not only less disruptive, it may return your escalators or moving walks to service sooner.

Schindler Modernization - Enhanced escalator and moving walk performance

Enhanced escalator and moving walk performance

New components and technology improve passenger comfort and safety as well as equipment reliability. Schindler InTruss escalator and moving walk modernization will bring your escalators into full compliance with the safety and safeguards required on new escalators and moving walks.

Schindler Modernization - Improved appearance

Improved appearance

Using standard variants and options available for Schindler InTruss modernization, you can completely transform the dated appearance of your older escalators and moving walks and create a bold, fresh look.

Schindler Modernization - Increased energy efficiency

Increased energy efficiency

Technology upgrades such as more efficient drive systems, components requiring less power and intelligent power management software will help significantly lower energy consumption and your operating costs.

Schindler Modernization - Smarter


Monitoring services increase convenience. Customers and passengers will benefit from smarter escalators and moving walks.

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