Freight, Goods & Special Elevators

Freight, Goods & Special Lifts

For any individual need in the market, Schindler provides an appropriate solution. Not only for passenger lifts, but also for freight and special lifts. Schindler has the right solution for any application.

Freight Elevators

Freight Lifts

Do you want to transport heavy freight and goods?

Let us help you find the lift with the right load-bearing capacity to meet your requirements. We've installed freight lifts in warehouses, shopping centers, industrial plants and more.

We can help solve the complex transportation requirements with simple, flexible, durable, cost-effective products.

Special applications

Special applications

Schindler offers a selection of standard features and finishes for passenger lifts. But sometimes something special is required.

When that is the case, Schindler can work with you to provide a custom lift design limited only by your imagination.

Contact your local Schindler office for more information about our custom lift capabilities.

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