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Reliable - sustainable - fast: Schindler mobility solutions offer high-tech and high comfort for patients and professionals in all types of medical facilities, from hospitals to clinics to office buildings.

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Reliable by design

Schindler’s bed lift is designed especially for healthcare, retirement and beauty spa facilities. It’s not only durable and attractive. It’s also large enough for patients and equipment, and it’s easy to clean. And special control options for emergency services and cleaning staff are available as well.

Fast response

Schindler's service delivery model will keep your elevators in optimal running condition. Schindler's PORT Technology destination dispatching system can be linked to your building management system for even better control. Our dense service network guarantees quick response if needed and a Schindler technician is always nearby.

Parkway Novena Hospital, Singapore

Parkway Novena Hospital, Singapore

The Parkway Novena Hospital contains a hospital block and a specialist center. The hospital has 333 beds, offering luxury and comfort to patients, as well as access to th latest medical technologies.

Schindler Singapore provided total 35 units to this luxury 5- star medical complex, containing 17 units of Schindler 7000 high rise lifts.

Tsueng Kwan O Hospital, Hong Kong

Tsueng Kwan O Hospital, Hong Kong

Tsueng Kwan O Hospital opened in 1999, the Hospital underwent an expansion in 2008 to cater for the more aged population of the districts. Equipping with 14 Schindler lifts and 8 escalators, the Expansion Block comprises of 9 storeys of out-patient facilities, Health resource centre, staff facilities and a Chinese Medicine Clinic.

The Building consists of a basement carpark and a link bridge connecting to the existing main block. Sustainability is of high priority for the design of the new expansion block. Green features and innovative sustainability designs are introduced to enhance the environmental control of the building.