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Schindler Lifts eyes Sumatera Market Expansion


Pursuing network expansion, Schindler target Sumatera market through branch in Batam and Medan.

Schindler, a global provider of elevators and escalators with over 1,000 branches across 100 countries announced today further expansion to the Sumatera Area. Located in Batam and Medan, the branches cover the Sumatera Area from Aceh to Palembang.


Safety - A Core Value

Schindler is a company that moves a billion people everyday with safety as a chief priority to ensure the safety of our products, customers and employees.

Beyond the usual safety measures, Schindler has developed a four-stage process that considers safety aspects in all phases of the product life cycle. This process guarantees the very highest standards of safety at every stage – from research and development to production, installation, and on-site inspections.

The elevator drop test and safety checks that go beyond statutory requirements, as well as strict control of compliance with applicable regulations. All of these checks are carried out by trained specialists.

Investing in people and technology
As an industry leader, Schindler advocates raising the standards of safety and quality of the lift industry in Indonesia. Earlier this year, Schindler launched its largest integrated knowledge center in Southeast Asia located in Puri Indah, West Jakarta which can train up to 300 people per year.

Schindler is proud to be involved in numerous prestigious projects. A significant number of hotels and offices, particularly in the Batam area, are equipped with Schindler products.

Moreover, Schindler is proud to be involved in numerous prestigious projects co-operating with clients. Most of the hotels and offices, particularly in Batam, has been equipped with Schindler products.

Bring comfort to your riding
Schindler has an elevator solution to meet every individual need in the market. Whilst for residential segments, the Schindler 3300 elevator exceptional safety features. Smooth and whisper-quiet, this Italian designed state-of-the-art car is built to carry you safely in comfort.

The environmentally friendly features of the Schindler 3300 enable you to comfortably reduce your everyday energy consumption. It’s technology for clean mobility.

‘Population in cities accross Indonesia is growing at a rapid pace which drives the increased need for housing and infrastructure. To support this growth and urbanization, the elevator industry is playing an important role and also expanding its market day-by-day,’ says Antonia Yoyada, Medan Branch Manager of PT Berca Schindler Lifts.

‘We strongly feel that the growth of the property industry in the next few years will be rooted in the Sumatra markets as well,’ she told a news conference.

It is expected that these investments will give Schindler Indonesia a unique edge and also push towards strenghthening their market leadership position in the elevators and escalators industry in Indonesia.

PT Berca Schindler Lifts - the Home of Schindler in Indonesia 

PT Berca Schindler Lifts (BSL) was established in 2000 as a joint venture between Central Cipta Murdaya Group and Jardine Schindler Group. BSL is headquartered in Jakarta and designs, engineers, installs, maintains, and modernizes elevators, escalators, and moving-walks throughout Indonesia.

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