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About Berca Schindler Lifts, Indonesia

About Berca Schindler Lifts, Indonesia

Yesterday, we carried more than 1.5 billion people vertically, diagonally and horizontally using Schindler lifts, escalators and moving walks. Today, we'll do it all over again.

Established in 1874, PT Berca Schindler Lifts was set up in 2000, as a joint-venture between Central Cipta Murdaya Group and Jardine Schindler Group, is a subsidiary of Schindler in Indonesia provide pre-sales, sales, and after sales for Schindler lifts and escalators in Indonesia.

Schindler Group

Schindler Group is one of the world's leading providers of lifts, escalators, and moving walks. Each day, Schindler solutions transport 1.5 billion people worldwide - rapidly, efficiently and in accordance with their diverse needs. Schindler moves people and materials, and connects vertical and horizontal transport systems through intelligent mobility solutions driven by green and user-friendly technologies.

Jardine Matheson Group (JSG)

Jardine Matheson Group (JSG), which incorporated its Indonesian subsidiary in 1998, has been tending to the local vertical wave from its very beginning. PT Berca Schindler Lifts (BSL) is the success result of a strategic alliance with the Central Cipta Murdaya Group and has been providing sophisticated solutions to many prestigious developments.

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