Modernization of Elevators Tailor made solutions

For all replacement systems, you can benefit from the latest technologies, maximum safety, optimum efficiency and a high degree of flexibility in terms of dimensions and design. Your residents and passengers will thank you.

Complete Replacements - A Holistic Approach

Maintenance, repair and operating costs of an elevator can increase over time. Wear and tear cannot be ignored. It’s a natural process that Schindler can reverse through modernization. All mechanical and electrical components can be adapted to fit precisely into the existing equipment. This solution will make you look great in the eyes of your customers.

Drive and control

Drive and control

Schindler mobility solutions are reliable and efficient. The drive cores of our elevator systems are smaller, lighter and more powerful. Yet they are also more efficient in travel and energy usage. They produce low levels of noise, and have high stopping precision for superior passenger safety and comfort. They also have more capacity, are easy to operate with higher system availability. They even offer preventative error detection. A modernization solution from Schindler will add value to your property.

Cabin and design concepts

It’s important when modernizing to make sure improved comfort is tangible to passengers. Schindler cabins use space efficiently and have modern designs. They provide a new dimension in comfort with handrails, lighting and mirrors. Schindler cabin design concepts make our products easy to use, suitable for disabled passengers and quickly installed.

Doors and counterweights

Automatic doors are a way to improve safety while enhancing comfort. Schindler also offers light curtains for even more safety. Our counterweights are flexible and easy to install and comply with all current norms and requirements

Schindler 6300

Easy to plan, fast to install. The Schindler 6300 is the out-of-the-box elevator replacement for residential and commercial buildings.

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