Adding the EXTRA to the ORDINARY: Elevator design and planning at the highest level

Adding the EXTRA to the ORDINARY: Elevator design and planning at the highest level

Your interior design doesn’t end at the elevator door with our new elevators. Choose from hundreds of options combining materials, colors, interactive digital fixtures and eco-friendly LED lighting to make the elevator an experience, not just a journey.

Full design freedom

The design options of our new elevators offer unparalleled flexibility in finding the ideal complement to your architectural concept – from functional to sophisticated. Every detail can be individually chosen to realize your own unique vision. All while ensuring an unified appearance and optimizing space and passenger capacity at the same time. That offers the freedom to get exactly what you want and need in your building's elevators.

More applications and better optimization

Our range of products offers an unparalleled range of applications compared to similar products on the market – providing true freedom and a higher degree of flexibility. Thanks to our modularity program and our intense exchange with customers, we've gotten to know their needs fully. And our best-in-industry solutions for shaft utilization allow customers to install larger cars and increase carrying capacity by doing so. All made possible by revolutionary simulation technologies.

The Schindler Elevator Design Catalog

Your choice of design – Enjoy the possibility of creating your own car interior design. We offer unparalleled flexibility and help you to find the ideal fit for functional, sophisticated and innovative interior architecture concepts. Bring your style to life.

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Schindler 3000

Our flexible solution that unifies form and function. An all-around passenger elevator applicable to various building types and use cases.

Schindler 5000

This passenger elevator integrates latest technologies to deliver faster handling times for higher passenger volumes with optimum ride quality.