Jardine Schindler Group Extends Global Safety Program to All Escalators & Moving Walks


As of July 2016, the Confirmation of Periodic Safety Inspections (CPSI) has been extended from Schindler maintained elevators to also cover escalators and moving walks.

The Schindler designed CPSI program is carried out by certified technicians who must pass a stringent training and assessment program. The program was first designed for elevators and is a seven step process made up of over 70 individual tests on safety components including machine brakes, landing doors and safety gears. Elevators are inspected annually and five-yearly, and an international audit team inspects a random sample of elevators to ensure quality, giving peace of mind and confidence to facility manages and building owners alike.

With regards to escalators and moving walks, the annual safety check (CPSI) will provide a comprehensive review of all critical areas, especially the function of the many safety switches and sensors throughout the equipment. In addition, physical checks are conducted on the condition of steps/ pallets (ensuring there are no cracks or deformations), floor covers (ensuring they are properly secured) and even interfaces to the building to ensure safety clearances and barriers are maintained.

The process of a formal sign off ultimately raises the level of Schindler maintenance by ensuring a global standardization which is crucial to underpinning a rigorous and uncompromising approach to safety.

This measure taken by Schindler is an ‘industry first’, according to Robert Roseby, Existing Installations Business Director of Jardine Schindler Group. Roseby observes that addition of a formal process of confirmation on top of existing escalator checks is a testament to the “professional and safe service we provide” and a means of assuring “customers of the trust they have placed in us to maintain their equipment safely”.

Jardine Schindler Group Extends Global Safety Program

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