Jardine Schindler Group celebrates the official Southeast Asian launch of its PORT Technology

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Jardine Schindler Group celebrates the official Southeast Asian launch of its PORT Technology

(Top from left) Stefan Häfliger, Ralph Ludwig, the General Director of Schindler Vietnam & Rolf Schwerzmann unveil the PORT Technology (bottom)

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM, 20th May 2011 – Jardine Schindler Group today celebrated the Southeast Asian launch of its latest ground-breaking innovation for building transportation, the PORT Technology. The Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal (PORT) is an intelligent elevator system that revolutionizes the way people move through buildings. This technology can increase traffic efficiency by up to 30% compared with conventional elevator system, while delivering exceptional outcomes in energy savings and enhanced building security.

Schindler invented the industry’s original destination control system, Miconic 10 in 1992 (the “first generation”), which guided passengers to an elevator after they simply key in their destination floor on a keypad. Miconic 10 was followed by the release of the “second generation”, Schindler ID in 2003 with enhanced security control and upgraded algorithms to improve building traffic flow.

PORT Technology represents the third generation of destination dispatch control algorithm which Schindler has developed. While Miconic 10 and Schindler ID revolutionized the elevator industry by focusing on moving people in an efficient manner, PORT is a major step forward by taking the concept of seamless transit management to a new level, adding more customization, communication, security, energy-saving and style features.

“The advanced elevator system – more than 15 years in the making -- offsets many challenges found in today’s standard operating elevators,” said Rolf Schwerzmann, Head of Top Range Business of Jardine Schindler Group during a launch event in Vietnam today (on 20th May 2011). “With PORT Technology, Schindler has not only invented a green, efficient, stylish way for passengers to move more easily to and from their destination, it also has created a transit management, communication and security network perfect for building owners, operators, architects and users.”

“Miconic 10 and Schindler ID were all about the destination and moving people in an efficient manner. With PORT Technology, it’s all about the (seamless) journey,” added Schwerzmann.

Architects, developers, consultants and building owners have already taken notice. PORT Technology was chosen for such prestigious projects as International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong and Heron Tower in London.

Each journey begins when a person enters his building and presents his access card over a reader at a turnstile gate or stand-alone PORT station. Within less than a second, the software’s predictive algorithm quickly calculates passenger’s journey, chooses the best-suited elevator for him and crisply displays his assigned elevator on a bright and color monitor.

The algorithm calculates the best ride for each new passenger every time a card is scanned – while honoring the previous assignments of other riders. Computations are executed in less than a second so each passenger is steered to an appropriate elevator quickly and without hesitation.

By grouping passengers going to the same destination floor, PORT Technology avoids chaotic elevator runs, including the problem of random stops at numerous floors, which consume large amounts of time and energy. PORT Technology provides the shortest possible trip for every passenger with less intermediate stops.

In fact, the PORT system ‘learns’ the usage patterns of a passenger to provide a more personalized and intelligent service.

Prior to the launch of the PORT technology, Schindler has sold a total of 6000 units Miconic 10 and Schindler ID worldwide – with each unit having the ability to store and provide valuable information about general passenger movement. “Our research and development team in Switzerland is constantly reviewing passenger movement data being provided by the Miconic 10 and Schindler ID units installed in different types of building throughout the world,” said Stefan Häfliger, New Technology Director of Jardine Schindler Group. “We analyze building traffic patterns and optimize the systems so building flow becomes even more streamlined. Passengers are guaranteed an efficient, customized and dare I say fun elevator ride.”

Additional energy savings are gained with PORT Technology’s Energy Control Option (ECO). During non-peak hours, the Energy Control Option sets several elevators in the group into energy saving standby or sleep-mode. This helps to avoid the inefficiency (unbalanced loads) of having all elevators making many trips to transport only a few passengers.

The wall-mounts and pedestals PORT, each feature a vivid, color touch screen, will only be activated when it detects a user approaching. At all other times, it is placed into a low energy consumption state.

Security and passenger safety features are also key components of PORT Technology. One appealing design element is that a PORT integrated turnstile can act as a barrier, granting elevator access only to authorized passengers.

Additionally, PORT Technology’s universal communication system is interconnected throughout each building, giving building operators the ability to transmit important information on PORT screens when needed, i.e. during an emergency.

PORT hardware can come in the form of sleek turnstiles; stylish, wall-mounted displays; and aesthetically pleasing stands, or pedestals. The skin colors can be customized to match building interior architecture.

“There are so many wonderful features to PORT Technology,” said Häfliger. “The system will benefit thousands of people in Southeast Asia every day.

The PORT Technology can be installed in any building structure, be it a high-rise skyscraper, an intelligent office tower, a mixed-use complex, a luxury condominium, a hotel, a campus-like building or a hospital.

For more information about the PORT Technology, please visit www.theporttechnology.com or contact Schindler’s local offices for details.