Schindler's Lift elevates modern luxury living

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Schindler's Lift elevates modern luxury living

Eric Leong: Luxury residential elevators is the new living trend for modern home

From left: Leong, Wong, and Ang with the glass touch sensitive panel of Schindler 3300 AP elevator.

KUALA LUMPUR, 31 March 2011 - Schindler the global provider of mobility solutions recently held a media briefing on its Schindler 3300 AP elevator and how it is redefining the concept of modern living. Present in the talk was Eric Leong, Malaysia’s well-known celebrity interior designer. The go-to person when it comes to home interior designing, he shared his insight on new living trend for modern homes together with Noky Wong, Antah Schindler Sdn Bhd’s Managing Director.

Schindler has been involved in the design, supply, installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators and escalators found in many iconic buildings in Malaysia notably Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion Residences, The Gardens, The Gardens Hotels & Residences, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and more. Being an expert in providing mobility solutions to high rise buildings, the company sees a trend of elevator usage in residences and low rise commercial buildings globally.

Having elevator at home is quickly becoming a new trend in modern home improvement according to Eric. “A properly installed, aesthetically pleasing elevator is a prestigious addition to your residence. Beautifully designed, luxurious home elevators can considerably enhance the ambience of your home”, he said.

A residential elevator takes comfortable living to greater heights and positively increases the value of your home. It also provides easier mobility to every member of the household especially children, physically impaired and healthy adults. Dispelling the cliché image of elevator, Eric said long gone is the cold-steely façade and for residential homes, the Schindler 3300 AP interior is designed to exude class, sophistication and a reflection of the home owner’s taste.

The Schindler 3300 AP is one of the many mobility solutions under Schindler’s residential elevators category. Ingeniously designed and flexible to install, the elevator was chosen to be fitted in each of the luxury villas in Duta Kinrara, a resort style residential development in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong. The prestigious project encompasses 29 exclusive and limited resort living homes overlooking the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve and has all the hallmarks of luxury and modern living.

Showcase of personal taste
The Schindler 3300 AP elevator injects a modern living style to any homes and that includes all the villas in Duta Kinrara. “Italian designed interior equipped with modern and stylish touch sensitive glass panel, it fits in well with the bungalows’ trendy and sleek design”, explains Noky Wong, Antah Schindler Sdn Bhd’s Managing Director. “Beautifully designed, luxurious home elevators incorporate different decorative materials that add to their attractive appearance and complement a home’s décor”, said Eric.

Paramount safety
Home owners are become increasingly discerning in demanding the highest safety standards in their homes to ensure their family is offered the highest level of protection. The Schindler 3300 AP is not just a mere moving platform that transports passengers vertically but built with precision Swiss engineering and conforms to the International safety standards (such as the European Lift Standards, EN81) with automatic evacuation to the nearest floor in case of power failure is another standard safety feature. The elevator is equipped with electro-mechanical doors that prevent residents from reaching out of the elevator when it is moving and the infra-red door sensors automatically reopen the doors if an object or person is detected while the doors are closing.

Energy saving and environmentally friendly
Without a doubt, more and more home owners are looking at eco-friendly residences as this is not just a trend but more of a lifestyle according to Eric. The Schindler 3300 AP gearless motor saves 40% energy as compared to a conventional geared motor. It also has an optimised stand-by mode where lights, ventilations are switched off, drive, controller and door drive power consumption is reduced when not in use which leads to low power consumption amongst other features.

The eco-friendly energy saving elevator Schindler 3300 AP elevator has achieved a class A energy rating, the highest rating under VDI 4707, an elevator energy efficiency classification guideline established by the Association of German Engineers.

A home is no longer just a shelter to its residents but an important part of a global ecosystem of which each home are accountable to act responsibly towards the environment. Wong added that some of the elevators installed in these luxury bungalows and semi-detached homes will be equipped with glass rear wall, which connects every floor of the units in Duta Kinrara with the pristine view of the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve or the view of the city; Seamlessly blending the homes with nature.

Supreme comfort
Residents will find solace from the comforting silence of the Schindler 3300 AP elevator in their homes. With just a mere 50 decibels, the elevator’s motor operates in an ultra-low noise akin to an average home or library’s noise level. The almost inaudible elevator comes from superior soundproofing where Schindler uses the same material used to make aircraft bodies for the elevator’s walls.

Saves valuable space
Adopting a machine room-less design, the elevator saves space to cater more for architectural flexibility. The advanced Traction Media and small sized controller saves space where only a small shaft size is required to install the elevator which leads to more design freedom. In Duta Kinrara’s case, the roof of the bungalows is used for a green ‘recreation space’ allowing gardens and infinity pools to be built on their roof top.

Peace of mind
With Schindler’s expertise in mobility solutions in high rise buildings, the Schindler 3300 AP is the answer for low rise residential and commercial buildings ranging from magnificent multi-storey apartment, luxurious villas, terrace houses, semi-detached houses or bungalows to shop offices and such. Schindler also continues to provide the highest standard of maintenance service and the ever reliable support ensuring peace-of-mind for users where the next technician is always within reach, worldwide, 24 hours a day.

Low rise commercial building
The state of the art Schindler 3300 AP elevator is not just suited for residences but also for low rise commercial usage like shop offices. Wong states that the addition of elevators to a low rise commercial building increases the flexibility and usability of the property whist increasing the convenience and comfort for the building users. From a property investment perspective, it will positively raise the building’s rental value.

Summing up the media briefing, without a doubt, residential elevators are increasingly recognized as an investment that adds value, mobility to a home and fast becoming a necessity in residences. Both Eric and Wong resonated that having an elevator at home is the future trend of modern residential living.