Jardine Schindler introduces Green technologies in the 2008 GreenBuild Asia conference

Jardine Schindler Group (JSG) is the senior sponsor of GreenBuild Asia 2008 event that will take place from 8-10 July 2008 in Hong Kong. In the conference, Mr. Eric Law, Top Range Business Director of JSG is going to share his view of how vertical transportation greens buildings. He will explain the life cycle assessment (LCA) of elevators and escalators and how green features of elevator and escalator can help improve the environmental performance of buildings over its life cycle.

The conference will gather different industry specialists and experts together to discuss the practical and financial issues surrounding sustainability in Asian cities and give industry representatives a chance to voice their views on the development of green buildings and infrastructure to government bodies. It will look at the roles of different parties involved in the life cycle of green buildings as well as how green buildings benefit developers, tenants and society.

JSG has been offering green products for more than a decade and this has won it prestigious energy-efficient building projects around the region. With alarm bells ringing regarding the current state of environmental degradation, JSG feels a renewed urgency to increase awareness amongst the building sector on how vertical mobility solutions can contribute in creating more environmental sustainable buildings.

For more information about the GreenBuild Asia 2008, please visit the following website: http://www.greenbuildingsasia.com