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If you need to update your mobility solution to meet new norms or to provide better service and comfort to tenants, Schindler can help. We can replace a complete elevator, escalator or moving walk. Or we can modernize select parts. By modernizing your mobility solution with Schindler, you will enhance the value of your building.

Elevator modernization

Schindler offers tailor-made solutions to modernizing your elevators. From complete replacement to replacing single components – we’ll find the solution that’s right for you. And Schindler supplies everything from a single source. From consultancy and proposal of the right solution, to installation and maintenance.

Escalator & Moving walks modernization

Escalators and moving walks are engineered to cope with heavy traffic for a long time. But they might eventually need an upgrade. To handle increased traffic, for example, to meet changed codes or just to run more efficiently. Schindler will analyze the situation with you, propose a solution that meets your needs and building requirements.

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