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The intelligent destination-dispatch solution to move people smarter. Schindler's PORT Technology revolutionizes the science of optimizing traffic flow through a building while offering personalized service and access control.

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PORT Technology Drives Customer Satisfaction

Available configurations

Schindler's PORT Technology is offered with Schindler 400AE, 500A and 7000 for mid- and high-rise buildings. It's also available for modernizations on existing buildings - whether the building has a Schindler system or not.

Mobility solutions - From predictive call entry to touch-less operation, Schindler's PORT Technology provides the solutions to move people more efficiently.

Personalized service - Schindler's PORT Technology allows for individual profiles which provide unmatched flexibility and unique personal service opportunities for the user.

Access control - Schindler's PORT Technology can play a significant role in managing and controlling access within your building.