Schindler 3100 - The easy to install and plan elevator

Schindler 3100

This is our basic, highly-standardized elevator that looks and feels like something much more. Designed in general for buildings with low-to-medium traffic, it makes no compromises in design or technology. It’s is a basic, practical solution with a special touch.

Schindler 3100 - Simplicity


Our 3100 elevator is a sensible choice. Its standard car dimensions makes planning simple and installation hassle-free. You can choose from 4 refreshing interior colors and two stainless-steel decors to match its sophisticated glass tableau. And because it requires no machine room and the control cabinet is located in the door frame, it saves space and cost for the building.

Schindler 3100 - Practicality


The Schindler 3100 is smart mobility on a daily basis. Tailored for practicality, it has big, easy-to-use control buttons and meets EN81-70 norms for the handicapped. Up to 8 passengers can ride and it makes up to 7 stops. It saves energy too with standby operation, a small drive and LED lighting.

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