ElevateMe App Elevator operation with a swipe of the smartphone

With the new Schindler ElevateMe mobile application, elevator passengers can control and interact with elevators using their smartphones. Simply call the elevator and select the destination. It’s the best way to use an elevator without ever having to touch it. Available on both the iOS or Android operating systems and completely intuitive.

Benefits for passengers

Safer operation. Increasing safety and sanitation in elevators by decreasing the need to make physical contact with the controls.

True convenience. The app transforms user-elevator interaction to a new level with the option for new convenience services and solutions to be added in the future.

Intuitive use. The highly intuitive interface can be understood instantly and provides a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Benefits for facilities

High level security. The app works with Schindler IoEE ecosystem which runs high-level cyber security, safety and privacy.

One-stop solution. Schindler provides an end-to-end solution for the entire service that includes the app (iOS and Android), QR code sticker set, the IoEE cloud and connectivity.

Easy to activate. If Schindler Ahead Cube is installed, only an additional cable is needed with a software upgrade on the controller and on the Ahead Cube - and in selected cases an upgrade of the controller.

How does it work?

Connect the unit
Connect the unit
  • Units need to be connected to Schinder’s IoEE ecosystem using Schindler Ahead Connectivity.
  • Schindler’s IoEE ecosystem uses reliable SIM card-based 4G/LTE wireless connectivity.
Apply the QR codes
Apply the QR codes
  • QR codes - provided by Schindler - need to be placed on the door frames or around the elevator call buttons on the wall with good visibility.
  • Applied QR codes trigger the app installation if it’s not yet installed, and the app includes the instructions on how to use it. QR stickers make it easy to recognize if an elevator is enabled for a touchless journey for passengers.

How does it work for passengers?

Scan the QR code
Scan the QR code
  • Passenger needs to download the Schindler ElevateMe app from the app store (iOS or Android).
  • In front of the elevator, they need to scan the QR code with the app.
  • By scanning the QR code, the app identifies the floor, location and equipment.
Select destination floor
Select destination floor
  • A screen on the app comes up and shows the number of floors. The passenger simply selects the desired floor, enters the elevator and arrives at their destination without touching anything.

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