CleanSpace Distancing through occupation control

One of the best ways to fight the spread of bacteria and viruses and to control the occupancy or closed spaces. This ensures that people can correctly follow safety and social distancing guidelines and feel comfortable and secure in public spaces. Schindler CleanSpace adjust the maximum load capacity in elevators to keep cars from becoming overcrowded.

Quick and easy

Quick and easy

The maximum capacity can be set by our service technicians in just a short time.

Straightforward, Schindler


A simple solution to address tenants’ or passengers’ concerns about social distancing in elevators.

Cost effective

Cost effective

This affordable solution can help minimize the occupancy in elevators without new hardware.

How does it work?

With Schindler CleanSpace, the load measurement system’s full load can be easily adjusted to the desired capacity so that it’s in line with social distancing guidelines. The typical setting is usually around 90%, but to encourage a proper distance, it can be reduced to 50%.

When the adjusted capacity is reached, the elevator will not stop for a registered floor call to collect additional passengers and proceed directly to the registered car calls. Once the passengers have left the cabin at their selected destination, the lift will automatically serve the remaining floor calls.


CleanSpace - Distancing through occupation control

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