Healthcare Elevator products and packages

Healthcare - Elevator products and packages

Specifically designed for healthcare, retirement and spa facilities, our bed elevator is reliable, durable and attractive. It’s also spacious enough to hold both patients and equipment at the same time. We offer special control options for emergency services and cleaning staff.

High-tech and high comfort for patients and professionals

Our elevators deliver patients and theirguests to their destinations in safe, quiet,smooth and reliable comfort.

Reliable operation. Our elevators hold beds, staff and medical equipment. Access control prioritizes operation for emergency elevators and can designate selected elevators for trauma units and hygiene-sensitive transport.

Hygienic design. Elevator surfaces are durable, have no sharp edges and are made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. The in-car control panel can be positioned flexibly to maximize ease of use.

Fast response. Our control system can link to your building management system for even faster response and control. And Schindler’s comprehensive service network guarantees rapid response – a Schindler technician is never far away.


Tailored for the heathcare sector

Schindler 5500 - The Performance Elevator

Schindler 5500

Our passenger elevator for commercial and high-end residential buildings with high performance and unique design flexibility.

Schindler 7000 - The High-Rise Elevator

Schindler 7000

Our smartest solution for your high-rise building transports millions of people in the world’s tallest buildings.

Schindler 2500 - The Bed Elevator

Schindler 2500

Our bed elevator fulfills all the demands you could expect in hospitals, clinics, plus retirement and nursing homes.

Schindler Modernization

Want to optimize mobility in your building?

We offer flexible, modern solutions to replace your existing elevator.

  • Schindler 3000 Plus

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