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Work environment

Our goal is to have a highly motivated and engaged workforce led by talented management in a work environment that is stimulating and attractive to both current and prospective employees. 

Work environment at Schindler Egypt

If you're a student, a graduate or an experienced professional – we have numerous interesting career opportunities for you around the world.

Most jobs will put you in close contact with our customers and our products. And because our elevators and escalators typically have service lives measured in decades, many of our people spend their careers working for Schindler. 

And we understand how careers evolve – we’ve been experts in mobility for over 140 years. So if you’re ready for a challenge, keen to experience different cultures, and seek a dynamic and exciting working environment, Schindler is the right place. 

Commitment to People Development.

The future is yours! Schindler stands for high technology and innovation in the elevator and escalator business. As this business is fast moving, diverse and highly competitive, we need people at the top of their game – people with demonstrated professionalism; people who champion customer service, and are capable of exchanging ideas and implementing new strategies to support our business. 

Long-term job opportunity

If you work for Schindler, we will award your dedication by striving to offer you secure long-term employment. Long-term sometimes means adapting to changing industry requirements – by enhancing your knowledge base, internal mobility or professional reorientation.

It is also important to us that you realize your personal career goals. At Schindler we place special importance on identifying, developing and preparing talented professionals at all levels of the organization so they can assume greater responsibility within the company.

Realizing your potential

We take a long-term view on the development of our people. We identify your potential early and work with you to create a career plan to maximize your success in Schindler. A key factor in our people development at Schindler is the annual development review.

Here you have an opportunity to assess your own performance and aspirations with your manager, and discuss areas for improvement and identify training needs. This not only helps to maximize potential in your current role, it also prepares you for future challenges that match your skills and expertise. 


We provide a dynamic training and development capability that uses a state-of-the-art learning environment to give you access to a wide range of learning and career opportunities. We combine proven business thinking and methods, with the latest in technological advances, to offer a powerful mix of learning experiences – from traditional classroom courses to comprehensive media training applications delivered to your laptop or mobile devices.

All of our courses are intended to enable you to realize your potential regardless of your area of work and expertise. 

Greater responsibility

Our people development programs seek to anticipate future local and global human resource needs, identify true talent within the organization and balance this with individual career interests. Special care is taken to prepare talent at all levels for greater responsibility within our organization. We provide an extensive range of leadership development programs, both theoretical and practical, to enable you to take larger leadership roles and develop your career.

Job Opportunities

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