Schindler Egypt - Training


Training at Schindler takes a multi-channel approach - from traditional classroom courses to multimedia events via laptop and mobile devices.

Business and Leadership Training

We offer an extensive range of courses to build your knowledge in all areas of the business, new installation, service, modernizations, sales, finance and many others. We encourage cross-functional training to allow you to broaden your career options.

We have a specific focus on leadership development because we want to grow our future leaders internally. We offer a full range of leadership training courses which are supplemented by participation in group projects and job rotation to enhance your career development.

Technical Training

Schindler products are known for solid build quality and long life. There are numerous generations of Schindler products still in use today – from older relay systems to those equipped with the latest micro-processor technology. It is essential that Schindler's technical staff maintain and enhance their skill and knowledge base through continuous learning. We enable you to check your knowledge level before and after training.

The quality of training is very important. Our technical trainers are not only acknowledged experts in their fields. We make sure they are trained and certified to stand before a classroom and that they are capable of making the learning experience interesting every time.

Training Centers

Our high quality training program is enhanced by superbly-equipped training centers, covering both, theoretical and practical training. These state-of-the-art training centers are localized in all key markets around the world.

Job Opportunities

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