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International Careers

Schindler is a global player that requires highly talented and internationally mobile managers capable of working in any part of our business at any location. International assignments are a key part of people development at Schindler. We offer you the opportunity to develop your talents in an international career with the potential to progress to upper management. 

International Managers and assignments have always played a key role in our success. However, the way our global workforce is sourced, organized and managed is changing radically. Growth in emerging markets has increased the need for companies to move people and source talent from around the world. 

Global Environment

In today’s global village our colleagues, clients and business partners have different national, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. In this environment, you are a very valuable asset to every employer if you have international work experience.

At Schindler, you can build a portfolio of challenging international management assignments in any one of over 100 countries or 1000 networks across the globe.

An international assignment will give you the opportunity to develop your international capabilities by dealing with a different culture, work ethic, business etiquette and lifestyles on a daily basis. 

A win-win situation

International assignments are a key part of people development at Schindler. Employees benefit by gaining international experience, growing personally and professionally, and enhancing promotion prospects. Schindler benefits by expanding the distribution of knowledge and skills, supplementing technical expertise, and generally promoting a consistent global culture.

Comprehensive support

Schindler is a family-friendly company. Employees and their families naturally have concerns about issues such as housing, children's education, taxes and the implications for their career. We make sure our employees and their families are able to settle into their new location as smoothly as possible.

Job Opportunities

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