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In the course of your training at Schindler Vocational Training you will come into contact with many people. The HR team will be your contact person during the hiring process. During your training, you will be accompanied by specific managers and vocational trainers.



With your photo on the CV we can get to know you for the first time. So that you also know which faces are behind our name, we will introduce you to the head of vocational training, the HR team and the specific managers.

Bruno Wicki, Head of Schindler Berufsbildung

Bruno Wicki

Head of Schindler Berufsbildung

HR Team

Andrea Bachmann, Head HR Schindler Berufsbildung

Andrea Bachmann

Head HR Schindler Berufsbildung

Carla Sidler, HR Consultant

Carla Sidler

HR Consultant

Carmen Leibundgut, Assistant

Carmen Leibundgut


Eva Haas, HR Consultant

Eva Haas

HR Consultant

Franck Rhiner, HR Consultant

Franck Rhiner

HR Consultant | Manager Commercials Field Operations

Mary Berchtold, HR Consultant

Mary Berchtold

HR Consultant

Natalie Häcki, HR Consultant

Natalie Häcki

HR Consultant


Specific Managers

Ante Kutlesa, Manager Electronic

Ante Kutlesa

Manager Electronic

Cécile Flaction, Manager Commercials

Cécile Flaction

Manager Commercials

Dina Emmenegger, Manager Media Technician

Dina Emmenegger

Manager Media Technician

Marco Akeret, Manager Informatics

Marco Akeret

Manager Informatics

Mario Koller, Manager Mechanics

Mario Koller

Manager Mechanics

Marzio Corda, Head Training Locarno

Marzio Corda

Head Training Locarno

Moritz Blum, Manager System and Apparatus Builders

Moritz Blum

Manager System and Apparatus Builders

Patrick Imfeld, Manager Elevator Fitter and Logistics Technician

Patrick Imfeld

Manager Elevator Fitter and Logistics Technician

Rascha Halimee, Manager Customer Dialog Specialist

Rascha Halimee

Manager Customer Dialog Specialist

René Kuhn, Manager Designer

René Kuhn

Manager Designer

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