System and apparatus builder EFZ

System & apparatus builder EFZ

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As a system & apparatus builder, you work with sheets, sections and tubes made from metallic materials for the most part. You join these components and subassemblies together, carrying out the assembly and commissioning work involved in this. You work closely with polytechnicians and designers.

Apprenticeship duration

The basic training lasts 4 years.

Vocational school

  • 1-2 days a week in Emmen
  • Vocational school leaving certificate (if desired)


  • Secondary school level B
  • Good marks in mathematics and geometry
  • Artisan skills
  • Technical understanding

Future prospects

  • Elevator installation (foreign postings)
  • Installer in chief
  • Team leader in elevator production
  • Machinery engineer (higher-education qualification)

The career video is in German.