Electrical installer EFZ

Electrical installer EFZ

Do you enjoy tackling electrical and electronic challenges? How about training to become an electrical installer?

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As an electrical installer, you set up and maintain electrical installations and connections in residential construction, agriculture, commerce and industry. You are the specialist wherever electricity is needed. You set up and install electrical distribution systems, carrying out installations from the building junction box through to the socket. In the building shell, you install cable conduits and position concealed boxes for installing switches and sockets. After that, you pull cables or wires, connect the apparatus and devices and check the installation and functions.

Apprenticeship duration

The basic training lasts 4 years.

Vocational school

  • 1 day a week in Lucerne
  • Vocational qualification is possible


  • Senior grade A or B
  • A good head for technical and logical relationships
  • A sense of responsibility

Future prospects

  • Several professional examinations
  • Higher technical examinations (with Swiss national diploma)
  • Training as electrical technician in technical school or electrical engineer (BSc, technical college)

The career video is in German.