Computer scientist EFZ

Computer scientist EFZ

Are you interested in the versatile world of technology and do you enjoy working with computers? How about training to become a computer scientist?

An interesting choice for high school graduates

Practice-integrated Bachelor's program in informatics is possible: PiBS informatics

You can work in many exciting areas of computer science, both in teams as well as on your own. You'll learn how to handle various tasks such as programming, scheduling, instructing or even installing and configuring various IT components and you'll be able to do this independently. You'll work for clients, for your team and for Schindler worldwide, allowing you to apply your English language skills. At Schindler you complete your training with application development, making you a sought-after specialist when it comes to planning, developing and testing apps and programs.

Apprenticeship duration

The basic training lasts 4 years.

Vocational school

  • 1-2 days a week in Sursee
  • Vocational school leaving certificate (if desired)


  • Senior grade A
  • Logical thinking
  • Good analytical thinking
  • Ability to concentrate

Future prospects

A wide range of continuing education opportunities and specializations in one subject.

  • Project collaborator
  • Attending a technical school or college
  • The possibility of working abroad (international company)

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