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Your advantages This is what you can look forward to

In addition to a qualitative and practice-oriented training, as an apprentice you benefit from cool benefits. From an introductory camp at the beginning of the apprenticeship, to flexible working hours, to a club with all apprentices - you benefit from numerous advantages. But take a look for yourself!

Connection contract

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At Schindler, you have good chances of a follow-up contract after your apprenticeship.                                                                                                                                      

Flexible working hours

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In consultation with your supervisor, you can choose when you work and when you work, as long as you reach the 40 hours per week.

Final apprenticeship trip

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Together with all apprentices who have successfully completed their apprenticeship, you will spend an eventful week abroad.

Top employer

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Schindler is an internationally renowned company that will guide you through your apprenticeship.                       


Introduction week

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At the beginning of your apprenticeship, you spend a week together with all the apprentices from the first year. You will make a lot of new friends.                                                

healthy working environment

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It is important to us that our learners come home healthy and happy every evening. Safety is our first priority!                                       

Teaching resources

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Schindler supports all learners with a one-off payment of CHF 300 for teaching materials.                                                 


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In addition to a generous contribution to your public transport pass, Schindler will pay you for various other great things.                        

Holidays, Youth and Sport

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Schindler Vocational Training offers you more holidays than many other apprenticeship companies. In addition, you may take one week of J&S leave per apprenticeship year. 

Individual support

Icon Verein Schindler Lernende | Pluspunkte

With an innovative talent programme, we offer motivated apprentices the opportunity to develop further in a specific professional field.

Language courses

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Schindler contributes half of the costs of language stays. In addition, no holidays need to be taken for the respective weeks.


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The Schindler Apprentices' Association (VSL) is an association of apprentices who experience things together. It is also a contact point for any problems you may have during your apprenticeship.

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