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Every year, around 80 students receive an apprenticeship position and are offered an apprenticeship contract. Are you also motivated to be a high flyer in an international company?

Send us your online application:

  • Motivation letter
  • CV incl. photo
  • Copies of your grade reports incl. conduct assessments
  • Signal box test / Check S2
  • If applicable: Multicheck / basic-check
  • If applicable: Trial apprenticeship assessments

Please send us your cover letter and resume as individual PDFs. All other documents should be put together in a single PDF. Please have a look here, we show you how to do this.

Application tips from us

The right contact person

Check the job advertisement to see which contact person you should send your application to. It makes a very good impression when the right person is named.


Have someone read through your cover letter. This is the only way to guarantee that the letter will be sent without any errors. A dossier without errors is a must nowadays.


We do not expect a literary masterpiece. Tell us what you find fascinating about our business and why you are a good fit for Schindler.


Tell us why you want to learn your preferred profession, what particularly interested you during the trial apprenticeship and why you want to pursue this training profession.


Don't miss the start of the apprenticeship posting. We recommend that you have your application dossier ready before the summer vacations so that you can get started in good time. In our company, apprenticeships are posted on July 1 for the following summer.


Make sure that you have also included all the attachments to your application so that your dossier is complete. You'll make a great impression on our HR department if you submit everything in full right from the start.

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